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The Ace of Spades World Cup


Throughout the past months we've witnessed competitive style matches in Ace of Spades, ranging from LAN styled matches right down to our Community Showdowns.

So we'd like to announce the Ace of Spades World Cup, bringing in a 4 v 4 format as teams will fight it out to see who will become the champions.


Signups are open right now so head over to this LINK, to get involved in this tournament. Below listed are a few pointers on what you need before signing up

  • - First of all you need to create a team in the Events section as linked above, this will then allow you to join the tournament.
  • - You must have at least 4 team members to play
  • - Teams are required to play one game a week during the group stage weeks
  • - Teams will need to arrange their matches with the opposing team's captain.
  • - The signups will close June 13th at 6PM BST!.
  • - Teams are given a 'Country' from the World Cup (Ranging from Group A - D).

The Ace of Spades World Cup

All matches will be a best of one with a 'half-time' period, more details specifically related to the match format are listed below.

  • - Game-type : Multi-Hill
  • - Teams will play two 'halves' (15 minute matches each)
  • - If teams are from different regions they will switch host at the end of the first match to let the opposing team host on their region.
  • - Upon the end of the first 15 minute match, a 5 minute 'half-time' period kicks in to allow teams to discuss tactics for the second half.
  • Map Pool : Mayan Jungle (Mayan Jungle will remain consistent throughout the tournament to encourage teams to continually practice on it)

Group Stages

Teams will be required to play one game a week, teams are matched up against each other through the Group Stage draws which will take place Friday June 13th at 7PM BST. Below listed are the weekly schedules for the World Cup group matches

  • - Week commencing 16th June
  • - Week commencing 23rd June
  • - Week commencing 30th June

Teams will be given the freedom to arrange a time/date of for their match, match times must be agreed upon by both teams to ensure fairness


The top two teams from each group will progress on wards to the knock-out stages, the teams that progress through the groups will be seeded based on their group performance. The schedule for the knock-out matches are listed below.

  • - Week commencing 7th July
  • - Week commencing 14th July


Of course prizes will be awarded to the very top team who excel in the tournament, the prize list is below.

  • - Winners
  • - 4x Game Copies of Ace of Spades
  • - 4x Deuce Boxheads
  • - £200 Amazon Vouchers (50 x 4)