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268 Players In-Game

Map Editor Guide


Controls are the same as in the main game, with a few slight tweaks to help make building easier and fun. These are explained below.


The player has an inventory of 5 tools and 5 construct slots.

NUMBER KEYS - select corresponding inventory item

MOUSE WHEEL UP/DOWN - scroll through inventory items

Block Tool - quickly build bridges and stairs, or fill in holes.

ARROW KEYS - choose a colour from the palette

E - pick a colour from the landscape (the block you're currently looking at)

LMB - place a single block

LMB AND DRAG - place a line of blocks

RMB - cancel

Spade Primary Function - Precision Engineering

LMB - destroy a single block

Spade Secondary Function - Tunneling and Demolitions

RMB - destroy a small square chunk of landscape

Drill Gun - Create realistic battle-scars & tunnels, or destroy stuff

LMB - fire

RMB - Zoom in for more accurate targeting

Paintbrush - Paint the landscape the colour of your choice

ARROW KEYS - choose a colour from the palette

E - pick a colour from the landscape (the block you-re currently looking at)

LMB to paint a single block

RMB to paint several blocks

Step 1

Step 2

Construct slots (6-10) - placing a construct is a two step process.

Step 1 - walk around in first person with a semi-transparent construct 'blueprint' in front of you. Find a good area to place it.

MOUSE - control height / position of the construct

LMB - place construct

RMB - rotate construct by 90 degrees

C - 'carve' the shape of the construct out of the landscape (useful for creating trenches and tunnels)

Q - cancel

Step 2 - control now switches to the construct blueprint. Fine tune its position, and then finalise its placement.

MOUSE - rotate the camera around the blueprint. Zoom in and out with the mouse wheel

MOVEMENT KEYS - nudge the blueprint horizontally

MOVEMENT KEYS + SHIFT - nudge the blueprint by a greater amount

LMB - finalize blueprint and build the construct

RMB - rotate the blueprint by 90 degrees

C - carve the blueprint shape out of the world (useful for making tunnels and trenches

Q - cancel back to the previous step


Advanced Controls - Using a construct to carve chunks out of the landscape (with 'C')


  1. WASD - movement
  2. SPACE - press to jump, hold to activate jetpack
  3. Z - Activates hover while in mid air. If pressed again you will fall back to the ground level
  4. CTRL - crouch & while hovering in mid-air it will lower you back to the ground.
  5. SHIFT - hold to sprint

ESCAPE - brings up pause menu, which includes links to the construct and game data libraries, settings, and allows you to save and quit the game.

TAB - brings up the status menu, which provides information on your map, a list of players, and the entities which you still need to place in order for the game mode to work correctly.


  • Construct Library tabs - each containing a number of prefabricated constructs
  • Landscape - large terrain pieces
  • Buildings and Walls - houses, sheds, churches - typically anything you can enter and walk around in.
  • Nature - trees, shrubs and plants
  • Props - free standing structures of various sizes. Often ornamental.
  • Road, rail and bridges - fairly self-explanatory
  • Signs and banners - including several green/blue themed objects

Note: Your currently selected constructs (up to 5 at a time) appear in the window left of the 'Select' button.

Select - resume editing your map with the chosen constructs in your inventory

Back - cancels any actions taken in the Construct Library and returns you to your map


  • Game Data Library tabs - containing various entities which govern how the game will actually play.(Depending on the game mode, some of these may be unavailable)
  • Bases and capture zones - large, medium and small for each side
  • Spawns - large, medium and small for each side
  • Crate drops - ammo, health and blocks


  1. Your currently selected constructs (up to 5 at a time) appear in the window left of the 'Select' button.
  2. Objectives - the number and type of entities you have still to place in order to be able to publish your map.

Select - resume editing your map with the chosen constructs in your inventory

Back - cancels any actions taken in the Construct Library and returns you to your map


Once you have finished creating your map, and have fulfilled the requirements for at least one game mode, you can upload your creation to the Steam Workshop!

Ace of Spades Map Editor Menu

Step 1: From the main menu select Map Editor, and then Publish Map

AoS Game Publish Map MenuStep 2: Select the map you wish to publish. Game modes listed in green are ready to be published. You must have at least one ready game mode to publish, all ready modes will be published within the same map. If you haven't already created a preview from within the Map Editor, you will also be given the chance to generate a map preview image. The preview is the image displayed in Steam Workshop & in map loading screens.
AoS Game Map PreviewStep 3: Once you are happy with everything. Click "Publish".
Ace of Spades Steam Workshop UploadStep 4: If this is the first time you have submitted an item to the Steam Workshop, you will need to accept the workshop terms of service. You can do this by clicking the link in the confirmation prompt, when presented, seen to the left. There is also an opportunity to do this after you have uploaded your creation.
AoS Game Map Upload Steam WorkshopStep 5: Your map will now be uploaded. Your workshop page will open automatically in the Steam Overlay once the process is complete!

Ace of Spades Steam Workshop Guidelines

All items submitted to the Ace of Spades Workshop may be removed or marked incompatible at the discretion of Jagex at any time.

As a general guideline, please do not submit content which could be derived as racist, defamatory, of a religious nature, or of nudity. By submitting items to the workshop it is assumed that you are the original creator of the work, and hold all licenses and rights required as set out in the Steam Subscriber Agreement.



The following design constraints apply to any .VXL map file being imported into the game:

  • Maximum map size is width:512 x depth:512 x height 240
  • The design should observe that level 1 is water

Note: extremely large maps may cause performance issues.

Warning: If your map does not comply with the design constraints your map will load only water.


  1. Export your .VXL file observing the above design constraints & save it to an easily to find location
  2. In Steam click 'Library' -> right click on 'Ace of Spades' and select 'Properties' -> navigate to the 'Local Files' tab & select 'Browse Local Files'.
  3. Navigate to the 'hosted_ugc' folder then the 'maps' folder
  4. Copy your .VXL file into the 'maps' folder
  5. Next do the following:

    1. Save a template file in game by loading up one of the game's baseplates and saving it with no adjustments - I advise calling it template or something similar
    2. In the hosted_ugc/maps folder make a copy of the template's .ugc file
    3. Rename the copy with the same name used for your .VXL file:

    4. Open your renamed .ugc file with Notepad++
    5. First ensure that your name is entered as followed:

    6. Then enter your map name as followed:

    7. Save the file
  6. Then load the game up or restart it, and navigate to the 'Map Creator Lobbies' screen
  7. After starting a new lobby you should now find your imported map available in the map selection under 'Saved Maps'
  8. Your map is now ready for fine tuning & preparation for publishing

Note: we only recommend that more experienced mappers use this feature.