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You get the deal. No double posting. I'll start 1
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It pains me greatly to feel obligated to write this post.   None of you seem to know what "trolling" is or how to deal with it.    And when I say "none of you," I almost mean that li...
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So I see a few random custom titles floating around the forums, and I'm just wondering what it would take to get slapped with the rank of "Forum Troll" or maybe just "Troll" or even "Obnoxious Trol...
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There's an event scheduled on the 20th of April at 11am (Australian East Standard Time), in which clans (APC, ClassX, BSC, SPZ, ACE, EPC) will be fighting on two teams in a new event called Multi-C...
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I remember a while back someone made a thread where people challenged each other to do certain things.  I thought that deserved a revival.   Here's how it works: Person A posts challenge...
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Come celebrate this Easter Sunday with an Easter themed Build a Battle Event.   What? We'll be building 3 - 4 Easter themed maps (that means keeping the number of dragons to a minimum) u...
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Pretty much the title. These are the links to all of the videos in my AoS let's play. Test Recording (not really part of the let's play, but still thought I should stick it here)Round 1 P...
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Community Updates

Teaswat2313 Today, 06:32 AM
Damm i whant play new version ace of spades i play old but still cool
TntMatthew Yesterday, 03:44 PM
xXZedGamerXx 17 Apr 2014
Im Need Ace Of Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadeeees
TheFunCannotBeHalted 14 Apr 2014
mfw people who shitpost to raise their post count http://puu.sh/7qdDV
Jacos 13 Apr 2014
Work will set you free.
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Shauny 07 Apr 2014
Time to get Dizzy tonight!
MrCrispy 06 Mar 2014
Sally is a monster before her coffee!
SallyTheButcher 05 Feb 2014
WHERE's my coffeeeeeeeee!!?!?!?