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Main menu Mod:   Download     How to install: Open the "AoS Main Menu Mod.zip" Open the "AoS Main Menu Mod" folder Extract the contents to "Steam\SteamApps\common\aceofspades" C...
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You get the deal. No double posting. I'll start 1
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It pains me greatly to feel obligated to write this post.   None of you seem to know what "trolling" is or how to deal with it.    And when I say "none of you," I almost mean that li...
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So I see a few random custom titles floating around the forums, and I'm just wondering what it would take to get slapped with the rank of "Forum Troll" or maybe just "Troll" or even "Obnoxious Trol...
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Ace of Spades TV showcases some of the best fan made content on Social Media. If you have a video you might want to get featured post it in the 'Videos' section on the Forum!

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For some servers, whenever I try to join them, I get this:     Even for servers I've never played on. This even happens with custom lobbies, and I'm assuming it's not a votekick, since n...
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    Courtesy of Count, the almighty Wiki Lord, we will be giving away a copy of Ace of Spades to a lucky winner who does not yet own the game.       To enter the contest,...
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Mooneyy2 and myself are currently organising an Ace of Spades video series which requires in-game actors as well as voice actors.   A test script for voice acting 'auditions' is currently bein...
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AS_CRAFTER 23 Apr 2014
Count 20 Apr 2014
Happy Easter!
clonerex123 20 Apr 2014
eaters's coming tomorrow, or was it easter?
Teaswat2313 19 Apr 2014
Damm i whant play new version ace of spades i play old but still cool
TntMatthew 18 Apr 2014
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Shauny 23 Apr 2014
Bring on tonight's Stream :)
MrCrispy 06 Mar 2014
Sally is a monster before her coffee!
SallyTheButcher 05 Feb 2014
WHERE's my coffeeeeeeeee!!?!?!?