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Hello everyone!I'd like to introduce you my custom weapon and tool models. Here are all the models I made so far:  Classes: Lego Deuce (Classic player) Primary: ACR 6.8 (SMG/Thommy Gun) ACOG...
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Hello artsy people! Over the last years I have written a voxel editor called VoxelShop in my free time. Features are still being added, but there is already a lot you can do!(click the image for mo...
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GameBanana Ace of Spades mods: http://gamebanana.com/members/1394077   Weapons, Players and Misc. skins: For a tutorial to install custom skins, check out Foxxy's tutorial. If you enjoyed thes...
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In the new Beta, Jagex have adjusted the strength of weapons for each class.   I have managed to have a couple Games with a few players on the upgraded Aussie servers.  I only played Comm...
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's Photo Hi Guys,   I keep getting the error "Request To Server Failed - 307" whenever I try to host a game or create a map. I'm able to connect to games that other people host, though.   Any idea...
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Hi guys, sorry about the long absence from AoS. To be honest I think I had played too much, but after a break Im looking for some help from the Kv6 modders we have for a little project I have in mi...
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Sorry if it isn't in right forum, but I really need help. When I start Slab6 voxel editor, it works fine but if I click left mouse button, the cursor and model disappear and I can't close the progr...
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  [...]   EDIT: This huge project I was working on (spent over 5 hours on it so far) was screwed up. Files were missing, audio parts were gone, and all of that hard work... If anyone t...
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1Shot_1Kill Yesterday, 08:22 PM
Your go-to place for high quality Ace of Spades mods: http://www.aceofspades.com/community/topic/7378-1shot-1kills-mod-shop-for-1x/
AS_CRAFTER 15 Sep 2014
Any suggestions for new models?
TntMatthew 12 Sep 2014
Bored as hell.
Cooonar 12 Sep 2014
I hate Perry Meridian HS now...
BackwardsBashana 03 Sep 2014
School's on, only able to play on weekends D:
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MrCrispy 19 Aug 2014
Who is this Omicron guy anyway?
Shauny 23 Apr 2014
Bring on tonight's Stream :)
SallyTheButcher 05 Feb 2014
WHERE's my coffeeeeeeeee!!?!?!?