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You get the deal. No double posting. I'll start 1
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This is going to turn into quite an explosive thread, I can already tell. Mr.Dr.community manager, Shauny. You hold the holy grail to aos development, you are the phone who is supposed to report to...
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Today Jagex and Hasbro can confirm that Transformers Universe will close. This decision comes at an important time for both companies as they both realign their plans and focuses for 2015. The shut...
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Hello everyone!I'd like to introduce you my custom weapon and tool models. Here are all the models I made so far:   GUI Mods: Ace Of MLG 1.1 (*.zip)  NEW (Now with more sounds and Comic...
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Ace of Spades TV showcases some of the best fan made content on Social Media. If you have a video you might want to get featured post it in the 'Videos' section on the Forum!

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i remember before the new weapons update. i would always play zombies as the commando with the RPG. Back then when hiesville was on the zombie map rotation i would always rocket jump around with th...
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my friend started a channel and it has some pretty good stuff IF UR A FAN OF 3D SPACE PINBALL CADET THINGYAMAJIG   A Day in the Life of Bumper Bros   PLS SHARE THE VIDSSS PLS ...
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's Photo  The option full HD for Ace of Spades is not working. In fact, when I choose from HD to full HD I see only a part of the screen. Do you know how to be able to make full HD working?  Thank...
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's Photo So I just bought the game ace of spades and I tried loading it up and the game loaded till it go to about the 10th bullet then stops responding can some one plz help...      My compu...
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Count 15 Mar 2015
XQsega 13 Mar 2015
can we stop being dead now?
Zoeya 03 Jan 2015
The best thing just happened... Someone accepted my apology.
TntMatthew 10 Dec 2014
Ready to Block N Load.
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MrCrispy 19 Aug 2014
Who is this Omicron guy anyway?
Shauny 23 Apr 2014
Bring on tonight's Stream :)
SallyTheButcher 05 Feb 2014
WHERE's my coffeeeeeeeee!!?!?!?