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Title says it all.   Just to start off, here's my new Well MB-01 Warrior (L96A1) Airsoft Sniper Rifle that I recieved today in the mail:   Imgur album here!   Images:  
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What: We'll be breathing some life into the dedicated servers and having some fun on The Castle. Dedicated servers offer loads of options for customisation but are not currently used much, so this...
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GameBanana Ace of Spades mods: http://gamebanana.com/members/1394077   Weapons, Players and Misc. skins: For a tutorial to install custom skins, check out Foxxy's tutorial. If you enjoyed thes...
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These are all of my Ace of Spades mods. They probably aren't very good, but whatever.   Each mod will be in a separate post.  CommandoSecondary M72 LAW (Single Barrel RPG replacement) TF2...
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Hey! Sooooo some of you know me, I do A LOT of Classic play, and used to stream every week. I still play, nearly every night for at least a little bit, and enjoy it greatly. However, I've noticed a...
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's Photo whenever i open ace of spades there is a flashing screen and it gave my brother a seizure then it turned my computer off the colors were inverted and the music was played backwards. when it loaded...
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I just got Windows 8.1 again after factory resetting my computer, and now Ace of Spades runs really bad in multiplayer servers, with the same settings before the update. I had 8.1 before and it ran...
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Hello everyone  today I want to present you my first GUI mod, that changes the look and feel of AoS dramatically   Download  Here are some pics of it:   Wallpaper: Spoiler...
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BackwardsBashana 18 Oct 2014
game dont die plz plz jagex do sumthin :(
ultorval 11 Oct 2014
1 week '*;...,-=-,...;*'
TntMatthew 10 Oct 2014
Got the foil badge for Ace of Spades... buy buying the foil cards off the Market XD I'm too lazy to get them myself
MegaToadmaster 04 Oct 2014
NiN10Doh - ToThe64thPower
Emilz4 26 Sep 2014
Todays biggest philosophical question. "If you swallow air, are you eating or drinking it?"
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MrCrispy 19 Aug 2014
Who is this Omicron guy anyway?
Shauny 23 Apr 2014
Bring on tonight's Stream :)
SallyTheButcher 05 Feb 2014
WHERE's my coffeeeeeeeee!!?!?!?