TUE 28 OCT 2014
We call on thee this spooky Halloween to unite in three Community made Halloween Maps!

The following three terr-ific maps are available to be played on all official Zombie Mode servers for a limited time during the Halloween... Read More ->
MON 18 AUG 2014
A huge preview update hits Ace of Spades today ready for you to... Read More ->
THU 07 AUG 2014

You can now rent your very own Ace of Spades Game Server!

Create your very own, up to 32-slot server and customise it to your exact specifications! Carve your own take on existing game modes, host community created maps from Steam Workshop, or go vanilla and run Classic Mode... Read More ->
THU 24 JUL 2014
Play Ace of Spades : Battle Builder FREE all weekend between 21st July and 24th July 1pm... Read More ->
THU 29 MAY 2014
As you probably know, this summer is host to the Fifa 2014 World Cup, which will be enjoyed by people all over the world. So, with this in mind, we thought we would run our own tournament to celebrate ‘Ace of Spades’... Read More ->
MON 07 APR 2014
We're very pleased to announce Ace of Spades will be returning to the Insomnia Gaming Festival for Multiplay's Insomnia51 event at the Ricoh Arena in... Read More ->
THU 03 APR 2014
Hello Soldiers,

We're happy to be announcing that we'll be diving into the trenches of Birmingham, England to attend the Gadget Show Live in the NEC... Read More ->
THU 27 MAR 2014
We're happy to announce that from today, everyone can now access a preview of the upcoming Dedicated Servers update.... Read More ->
THU 20 FEB 2014
We're very excited to announce that Ace of Spades will be going on a Steam sale over this weekend February 21st - 23rd. The game will be discounted at a MASSIVE 75% off with 50% of all profit made over this time being added to our GameBlast fundraising... Read More ->
FRI 14 FEB 2014
We’re happy to announce that the Ace of Spades Community Team will be getting directly involved in raising money for GameBlast with a 24 hour live stream, we’re thrilled for you all to join us. Find out all of the details... Read More ->
MON 03 FEB 2014
Hello Soldiers,

Great news! Ace of Spades is 66% off for a limited... Read More ->
FRI 24 JAN 2014
Step up, and take on the Community in this fun Ace of Spades... Read More ->
MON 20 JAN 2014
In December the Ace of Spades team hosted a dedicated booth to play Ace of Spades at Multiplay's 'Indie... Read More ->
THU 16 JAN 2014
Hello soldiers,
You might have noticed our new and awesome layout for the Ace of Spades community home, but it’s not just a visual update, so here’s what’s... Read More ->
THU 16 JAN 2014
Hello, first of all welcome to the new ‘Clan HQ’ this post will serve as an ‘All in One’ listing everything you can do for you & your clan, we wanted to provide a dedicated place for Clans to have an identity and with ‘Clan HQ’ we hope this will provide the experience you... Read More ->
TUE 14 JAN 2014
Jagex is excited to announce the opening of the Community Alpha Test of the Ace of Spades Dedicated... Read More ->
THU 12 DEC 2013
Can you believe it's been a whole year since Ace of Spades launched on Steam? It's been an amazing year, with hundreds of thousands of new players joining the Ace of Spades... Read More ->
TUE 26 NOV 2013
We're very happy to announce that thanks to the success of Platform Expos we'll be taking Ace of Spades to http://insomniagamingfestival.com/ hosted by... Read More ->
THU 07 NOV 2013
Join Ace of Spades alongside the likes of Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, and Minecraft at Platform Expos in Hull, UK on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th November... Read More ->
WED 16 OCT 2013
Ace of Spades: Battle Builder, the latest instalment of Ace of Spades is available now! You can now use a range of map and level design tools with up to 24 friends or other players to work together and rapidly create exciting and fully customisable maps. You can also share completed maps with other members of the Ace of Spades: Battle Builder community over the Steam... Read More ->
TUE 08 OCT 2013
Grab the Ace of Spades: Battle Builder Edition Now at 66% OFF on... Read More ->
THU 16 MAY 2013
The Mac version has landed!

All of the Mac using Ace of Spades fans have been extremely patient, and today I am very pleased to announce that we have launched the Mac OSX version of the game, which is now available on... Read More ->
TUE 14 MAY 2013
Today's update introduces a load of all new features that includes the addition of Custom Games! On top of the long list of feature updates we have also made a fair number of balancing tweaks and fixed a whole host of... Read More ->
MON 29 APR 2013
State of Play

So it's been a while, huh!? Well I'm here to reassure you that we have been very busy behind the scenes, and now it's high time that I share some insights into what's heading your way... Read More ->
THU 28 MAR 2013
This Easter the Ace of Spades team presents a brand new free content pack! Including new maps, some fantastic game updates, and a whole new game... Read More ->
TUE 19 MAR 2013
Tonight I am very pleased to announce the launch night for Zone of Aces, the very first Ace of Spades fan site.

The team kick off their launch with a 1 hour pre-launch radio show, which is on air right now. They are doing live giveaways & requests, so tune in to get... Read More ->
TUE 19 MAR 2013
Today's update includes a variety of fixes and tweaks, plus the return of the much requested 'hide HUD' option, which can now be mapped via your control settings.

We have also added a few community suggested updates to Classic Mode, including improving the Rifle... Read More ->
THU 14 MAR 2013
Good news everyone!

From today until Sunday 17th March 1pm PST we will be offering a Steam Free Weekend for Ace of Spades. So if you haven't yet bought Ace of Spades you can try it for free, and if you already own the game it's a chance to recruit your friends and show them the game you... Read More ->
FRI 01 MAR 2013
The new build include a load of updates and improvements as we continue to develop the... Read More ->
THU 14 FEB 2013
We would like to introduce you to part 1 of the Art Dev Blog: Valentine's Day Massacre Overview and characters

For those of you do not know about the St. Valentine’s Day massacre, it might not seem like the most likely source of inspiration for a game which involves blowing the living voxels out of your... Read More ->
THU 14 FEB 2013
Exciting news everyone we are giving you the chance to Spend Valentine's with your one true love and get hold of the first ever Ace of Spades DLC, the St Valentine's Day Massacre pack.

What better way than to spend Valentine's recreating the infamous St Valentines Day Massacre. If you still need convincing, this DLC features maps based upon the iconic Alcatraz prison, famed for housing some of America's most dangerous felons including our very own Al Capone, and the mob-run streets of Prohibition era... Read More ->
MON 11 FEB 2013

Not One, But Two Chances to Win the Upcoming DLC

It's not long now until the first Ace of Spades DLC is released, and to celebrate we will be giving out some free copies as well as some AoS... Read More ->

FRI 08 FEB 2013
In this build you will find some adjustments to classic mode, some optimisation to help low end systems and a whole host of fixes and... Read More ->
THU 07 FEB 2013
February 14th is special for a number of reasons, but no more so than the release of our first DLC, the St Valentines Day Massacre pack!

Based on the epic mob conflict of the late 1920s, the new pack will include a whole host of awesome new... Read More ->
MON 04 FEB 2013
We know that one of the biggest issues for you right now is customising your... Read More ->
MON 04 FEB 2013
Last week we invited TheGrandmaster to see us and help us understand what Classic Mode really should be. tGM is a long time veteran player and it was great to get his... Read More ->
FRI 01 FEB 2013
In this build you will find some adjustments to classic mode, some optimisation to help low end systems and a whole host of fixes.

Head over here to find out the patch notes to the latest... Read More ->
THU 24 JAN 2013
Today is the day that Classic Mode is launched, so log in, update and give it a go. This strategic mode is more reminiscent of the alpha versions of Ace of Spades that many of you have been asking for. We want the community to lead the developmental direction of this game mode so please do give us as much detailed feedback as possible. It is really exciting for us to be a part of this innovative project and we cant wait to see what you have to... Read More ->
WED 16 JAN 2013

It's not long until you will be greeting the arrival of a brand new content update. This of course is the much awaited World War themed update. Though it’s not going to be a World War Content pack...Surprise! But wait, don’t panic, we've decided to evolve the idea of a World War theme pack into a full blown Classic Mode. We have done this because after receiving an overwhelming amount of specific feedback we decided that the best way to capture the feeling of the classic game is to create a bespoke mode, rather than just adding a themed... Read More ->

FRI 11 JAN 2013
We are pleased to announce that Ace of Spades was updated on Friday 11th January 2013 with a host of new improvements. To check what improved features have been included in this update, please check the following link: Update... Read More ->
FRI 04 JAN 2013
If you are yet to buy Ace of Spades, or have been trying to get your friends to buy a copy, and join you to form the ultimate super team, then now is the perfect... Read More ->
THU 03 JAN 2013
To kick off the New Year the Ace of Spades team wanted to run a forum based Q&A session giving you the chance to ask us anything about the game and get it answered by our production team.

Feel free to be as creative and imaginative with your questions as... Read More ->
SUN 23 DEC 2012
Steam's Xmas Sale has begun and Ace of Spades is part of it!

On top of this, and for today only, Ace of Spades has been up against 2 other Steam games in today's Community's Choice. This promotion is completely community powered, so with only 3 hours to go will the AoS community win the 50%... Read More ->
FRI 21 DEC 2012
Today we have released the Winter Content Pack, which means a stack of FREE content is up for grabs in game from today. The pack includes the debut of the classic Capture the Intel game mode, a brand new weapon, the Snow Cannon and 4 new maps, including Hiesville, the hugely popular World War 2 map from 0.75, created by the Ace of Spades map-making competition winner, SIMOX, which was voted for by the Ace of Spades... Read More ->
TUE 18 DEC 2012
The first few days of Ace of Spades have been a fantastic experience. You have spent over 6 years in game killing a combined total of over one million players. Let’s be honest, it’s a pretty bloodthirsty start to any new game.

With your rampaging through the Mayan Jungle or over the parapets of Bran Castle you have not been shy about letting us know what you think about Ace of Spades. Your feedback is vitally important to us so we can continue to develop Ace of Spades and make it into the best game it can possibly be. We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what is coming... Read More ->
FRI 14 DEC 2012
Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, the miner is strapping on his yellow tin hat..... That's right, even in warfare Santa still brings gifts.

On the 20th of December we will be releasing some free content, this will include four new maps; Simox's Heisville map, Block Ness, Arctic Base and Castle Wars. We will also be releasing a Capture the Flag game mode and a new weapon, the snow... Read More ->
WED 12 DEC 2012

Build your bunker, dig your foxhole and lock and load as this is the exciting news you have been waiting for! Ace of Spades is now available to download via Steam.
Ace of Spades comes with a host of game modes such as Deathmatch, Multi-hill, Diamond mine and Demolition all available in both quick matches and ranked matches. The amazing experience Ace of Spades is available to buy for an incredible price of... Read More ->

MON 10 DEC 2012
We are delighted to announce the release date and price for the exciting upcoming release of Ace of Spades. You wont have to wait long with this highly anticipated game being released on the 12th December 2012. If you are struggling for that present idea, why not gift Ace of Spades to your friends and family and enjoy some explosive times over the festive... Read More ->
MON 10 DEC 2012
We would like to introduce you to the second class in Ace of Spades; today we will be looking at the Rocketeer. Armed with The Specialist, a lightweight, fully automatic machine gun, that makes easy work of any enemy in... Read More ->
MON 10 DEC 2012
Congratulation to the creator of the winning map, from our 'Old School' Map Competition SIMOX who created Hiesville, a WWII themed map located in Normandy, France. The map contains wheat fields, a main centalised river, various buildings, vehicles, tanks, trees and much... Read More ->
MON 10 DEC 2012
Here is the first in the series of introductions into the classes you will find in Ace of Spades; today we will be looking at the Miner, he is the Ace of Spades explorer with the ability to dig quickly giving him a stealth-like quality over his enemies by disappearing under the radar. He is capable of destroying anything in his path, while working underground gives his team numerous routing options when... Read More ->
MON 10 DEC 2012
We would like to welcome our amazing community to Ace of Spades, We would like to welcome our amazing community to Ace of Spades, the creative shooter, where you can create your very own battleground, destroy it and then create it again. It's construction, combat and creativity rolled into one. It's like war, only... Read More ->
THU 15 NOV 2012
One of the big questions that you want answering is what is happening with the maps and modding aspects of Ace of Spades. The creative of side of Ace of Spades is really important to us and something we are really excited to support going... Read More ->
WED 31 OCT 2012
Firstly, welcome to the Ace of Spades community. I wanted to introduce you to Blogs an upcoming feature I will be launching once the game is... Read More ->